a holistic sanctuary for your mind

We're a women’s wellness space that specialises in a multi modal approach to Health.

Welcome to Ritual Haus: A holistic Sanctuary for your mind

At Ritual Haus, nestled in the heart of Brisbane, we celebrate the power of womanhood through our specialized, multi-modal approach to health and wellness. We understand that every woman's journey towards health is unique, and we're dedicated to providing a sanctuary where that journey can be embraced fully and freely.

“Embark on a Journey of Self-Discovery and Reconnection”

 Ritual Haus is more than a wellness space; it's a vibrant community where women come together to invest in themselves. Here, you'll find a supportive environment that fosters powerful connections with other inspiring women. It's a place where you can elevate not just your health, but also rediscover your purpose. Our approach to wellness is deeply holistic, integrating various modalities to cater to all aspects of your well-being. Whether it's through practitioner support, yoga, meditation, or innovative health workshops, every aspect of Ritual Haus is designed to help you reconnect with your body and find fulfillment in your health journey.

Understanding that each woman's path to wellness is different, we offer personalized discovery sessions. These sessions are a starting point to explore a holistic approach uniquely tailored to your needs. At Ritual Haus, you're not just another client; you're a valued member of a community, and your wellness plan reflects your individuality. Step into our sanctuary to experience the transformative power of a space dedicated to the health and well-being of women. From the moment you enter Ritual Haus, you'll feel a sense of peace and empowerment, knowing you're in a place where your wellness journey is our priority.

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Our Mission

Ritual Haus is a community of women and professionals coming together with a unified approach to wellness.

Our mission is to ignite passion through an open mindset through shared experiences and individual wellness work in an effort to highlight women in our community are living examples of our ethos. Ritual Haus inspires, supports and elevates women to find their true selves.

Ritual Haus will take you on a journey to peel back the layers in a delicate shift to discover what's underneath. We will aim to provide a familiar sense of belonging to ensure the utmost best outcome and allowing your mind to rest easy.


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Meet our wonderful team of practitioners and wellness advocates.

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