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The unique offering is the journey, unlike others, this space is a collaboration of multiple modalities coming together with a unified approach to healing. Our vision is to revolutionise the face of femme and provide a space where women can reach their full potential and feel empowered to find their purpose in “A holistic sanctuary for the mind”.

Services that you can expect to see at Ritual Haus - Holistic Psychology, Kinesiology, Coaching, Chiropractic, Reiki, Naturopathy, Ayurveda, Infrared sauna, Cold Plunge + more.

Discover the power of Personalised Wellness at Ritual Haus

01. Discovery Session

Our discovery sessions are not just appointments; they are immersive experiences designed to understand and embrace your individuality. When you book a discovery session with us, you're stepping into a world where your wellness goals and aspirations are heard, respected, and prioritised.

02. Memberships

Our Memberships are for women who are ready to flourish by investing in and committing to their most radiant, healthy version of self.

Exclusive access to health and healing

03. 1:1 Sessions

Our 1:1 Sessions provide you with the ability to connect with any of our practitioners in an intimate, luxury setting. These sessions allow you to feel seen, heard and supported while experiencing all that the chosen modality has to offer. We offer 1:1 sessions in psychology, hypnotherapy, coaching, kinesiology, massage, naturopathy and more

04. Bathhouse

Our bathhouse has been designed to embed a ritual of nourishment and self care by offering you access to deep rest, recovery and repair.



05. Wellness Studio

Our Wellness Studio sits at the heart of our sanctuary and is a space designed for connection to both self and others.

We have weekly yoga, pilates, breathwork, sound healing and meditation sessions alongside regular events and workshops intended to bring you back home to your mind, body and breath.


Are you ready to invest in yourself, do you desire powerful proximity, are you ready to find your true self and reconnect? Join our community and experience your evolution.


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