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Welcome to Ritual Haus, a sanctuary where wellness and self-care are not just practices, but a way of life. I'm Tajsha Van Den Bergh, the heart and soul behind this endeavour, dedicated to creating a space where women can find support, strength, and community. With a background in construction management, I am not your likely wellness guru however my journey to founding Ritual Haus was fuelled by a personal wellness journey and a desire to create a supportive community for women. My passion for multi modal health in a holistic and luxurious environment led me to envision a space where these elements converge harmoniously.

At Ritual Haus, my philosophy is simple: every woman deserves a space to reconnect with herself and nourish her spirit. I believe in the transformative power of mindful movement, therapeutic self-care, holistic healing, and it’s this belief that forms the cornerstone of our offerings. Creating a community at Ritual Haus has been a pivotal aspect of our ethos. It’s not just about the services we offer; it’s about building connections, fostering a sense of belonging, and empowering each individual who walks through our doors.

As the owner, I take great pride in being intimately involved in every aspect of Ritual Haus. From curating our class schedules to selecting the modalities we offer, and the products used within the space, my touch is evident in the smallest details, ensuring that our space not only meets but exceeds the expectations of our guests.

My vision for Ritual Haus is ever-evolving. As we grow and expand, my commitment remains unwavering – to provide a sanctuary of wellness that continually adapts to the needs of our community, embracing innovation while staying rooted in our core values of care, quality, authenticity and exclusivity.

Join us at Ritual Haus, and embark on a journey of self-discovery and holistic well-being.

Tajsha Van Den Bergh 

Owner and Founder of Ritual Haus

Emilie Larose brings to the practice a profound understanding that the vast repository of our subconscious—holding deep-seated memories and habitual patterns—plays a significant role in shaping our life experiences. She embraces the philosophy that we all possess an inherent wisdom and the capability to heal ourselves.

Emilie Larose


Emma is a passionate and empathetic therapist dedicated to empowering women as they navigate life's intricate challenges. In her practice as a Registered Psychologist and Executive Coach, Emma creates a nurturing.....

Emma Peterson

lead psychologist | executive coach

Sunni is a masters-qualified Naturopath and Clinical Nutritionist who has worked across a myriad of various specialities within the Naturopathic and Nutrition professions-with her approach to her patients being strongly evidence-based and results-driven. In her 15 years of clinical practice Sunni has developed an individualised, systematic approach to Naturopathic Medicine that leads her patients to achieve the results they desire. 

Sunni Patel


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