At Ritual Haus, we believe in celebrating the uniqueness of each woman’s journey towards wellness. This belief is the philosophy behind our discovery consultation, a bespoke experience that sets us apart in the realm of luxury wellness. Our discovery sessions are not just appointments; they are immersive experiences designed to understand and embrace your individuality. When you book a discovery session with us, you’re stepping into a world where your wellness goals and aspirations are heard, respected, and prioritised.  

Our discovery consultation is 90 minutes for you, we delve into your health history, your current goals, you have a tour of the space and it’s your opportunity to get curious, ask any questions and get a feel for our beautiful sanctuary. This allows us to craft a holistic wellness plan that is as unique as you are. This session is your first step towards a transformative journey where health and luxury intertwine. You’ll leave feeling understood, inspired, and excited about the bespoke wellness journey ahead, designed just for you. 

But how do you know if this is the right first step for you?  

There are 3 questions to consider if you’re exploring a discovery consultation as your first step:  

  1. If I look forward to 6 months from now, where would I like to be and how do I want to feel? 

Does your answer include multiple themes and areas in your life? It might feel exciting, expansive, and overwhelming all at the same time. You may not be sure how that is going to happen, and you know you do not want to traverse it by yourself. 

  1. Acknowledging your answer above, would you say you are you attracted to multiple areas or modalities within Ritual Haus? And Ritual Haus is a sanctuary you could see yourself transforming and healing. 

You are looking for an integrated approach to nurture your mind, body and soul. You’d love to explore a tailored blend of multiple of our services – practitioners, bathhouse and our wellness studio. You may have also connected or resonated with one of our practitioners and would love to see what working with them is like.  

  1. Do you currently know what your first action step is? 

Maybe yes, maybe no?  

This is why our discovery consultations were created, we are taking the guess work out of needing to know. Allow our wellness advocate to listen, understand and co-create with you a first recommendation to start your journey with us at Ritual Haus. Starting with a discovery consultation allows you to learn and understand a bit more about some of our unique modalities.  

Your discovery session marks the beginning of a partnership with us at Ritual Haus. Our team of expert wellness practitioners is dedicated to guiding you on your path, offering support, insights, and personalised care that go beyond the standard wellness experience. 

If this resonated with you, we are so excited to welcome you into the space – you can BOOK your discovery consultation here.  

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We have created a complementary guide with the intention to support you in cultivating daily rituals that inspire you to continue to return home to your most grounded, peaceful and authentic version of self.

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