In the hustle that this time of year brings, we know how challenging it can be to prioritise your own wellbeing or feel like that HIIT class you are attending is only adding to your stress rather than supporting you to manage it. As women and working professionals, we often find ourselves juggling countless responsibilities with busy minds, so at Ritual Haus our wellness studio focuses on restorative movement, designed to nourish your nervous system, and restore your body and mind. We believe in taking an integrated approach to health addressing the mind, body, and spirit. Our timetable supports this with assorted styles of pilates, yoga, and meditation.  

Our wellness studio is the perfect fit for you if: 

  1. You are craving Restorative movement – Our Pilates and yoga classes are carefully curated to promote rejuvenation, whilst still building strength and focusing on form. Our classes emphasise gentle, mindful movement that honours your body’s needs and aids in stress relief. Our classes offer a safe space to decompress, unwind and reconnect with yourself.  
  1. A need to nourish your nervous system – In the fast paced world we live in, we know how common chronic stress can be, our studio offers integration of breath, movement, mindfulness to promote relaxation, strength, flexibility and inner peace and a sense of grounding. 
  1. You are time poor and desire a hands on approach with smaller classes – we understand your time is precious which is why our classes range from 30 mins to an hour long to seamlessly fit into your full schedule. Our incredible instructors are all equipped to support you with form, safe and productive movement. We also have classes to support your mind with our regular hypnotic meditations led by our in house hypnotherapist.  
  1. Desiring community support – as women, we thrive when we come together in community. Our wellness studio is the best space to connect with likeminded individials who share your committment to self-care. You’ll find a welcoming community waiting for you here  
  1. Resonate with a holistic approach – True wellness encompasses more than just physical fitness. That’s why our sanctuary and wellness studio takes a holistic approach to wellbeing – addressing not just your physical body, but also your mind.  

Whatever your level of experience, there is something for everyone to enjoy and benefit from. We look forward to welcoming you into our wellness studio for a holistic experience. 

If you are new to Ritual Haus and would love to trial our space – we have a 2 week introductory offer available here

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